Zoo 2: Splish-Splash

As I said before, our first stop on our trip to Brookfield Zoo was the dolphin show. They have apparently been doing this for over 50 years. I swear up and down that it started when I was a kid, but apparently, I’m just terribly confused.

"I love mackerel!" says a cheerful dolphin. (In my head)

Here’s a gallery of dolphin images. I had a good time. ISO 1250 on a camera that does an acceptable 3200 didn’t look too bad either. Set to aperture priority, I had shutter speeds in the 1/400 – 1/1000 range, indoors.

These dolphins were smart. Fortunately, they can’t do anything to us. Unless they learn how to fly or something…

Oh well, At least they can't drive yet...

I realize that the whole gallery is full of pics of dolphins “Flying,” so that kind of negates the whole joke, but I had to show off that picture. Just let it go.

Anyways, that’s it for the dolphins. Let’s let them say goodbye….

Thanks guys.