Watch out lunatics

I really like joke captions but I can’t think of one for this….something about werewolves maybe?

Got stuck at the office very late last night. I finished up at just before midnight. As I headed out to the car, I saw a low, large and VERY red moon.

I had a camera at the office with me, but I did not have a tripod with me. I knew if I went to go home to get my tripod, I wouldn’t have as good of a vantage point, and honestly, I knew I wouldn’t want to go back to a better place to shoot if I was home. I was tired.Also, If I waited much, I figured it wouldn’t be as colorful. Sure enough, 20 minutes later, it was 30-degrees higher in the sky and normal white color.

So I put my work camera’s 70-300 zoom, which is a bit longer but two stops darker than my Nikon telephoto. I know that you can get a good exposure on a bright moon using sunny 16, maybe opening up a stop or so from there, but it’s lit by full sun, so it’s deceptively bright.

This was a lot darker than that, and for this amount of detail, it was an exposure of 1/15 of a second at f 8 at ISO 800. I could have opened up a stop more, but I knew I’d be cropping into the image quite a bit and peak sharpness is usually when you’ve closed down a stop or two from open. I braced the camera against a dumpster in the alley behind work. This was the sharpest of the shots. Maybe I’ll borrow my pal Aubrey’s 500 next time and make it bigger on film. Or heck, maybe I’ll just get a telescope and a T-Mount sometime.


There goes the sun….

Meghan was with me the last time I went out shooting. And the time before that come to think of it. And before, and before, etc.

Anyways, Meghan found herself, not for the first time, as a photo subject, because I had a cool portrait idea. The sun was going down, I had a clear shot on it and it was falling. Strobe was on a light stand in the back seat.

Meghan said she initially thought I was having her stand there for shadow or something like that.She said she thought she might be acting like a reflector or something too. Not in a purple shirt honey…We don’t want no color casts here.

Couple of test shots for strobe, fast shutter speed to darken the sky, telephoto to pancake everything and to make the sun sorta big in frame and BAM! We got it! Hope you guys like it.

I got lucky and married "Up" a class when it came to looks.

(Note: When you put your wife’s photo on your blog, she gets to choose the picture that goes up. You also gotta compliment her looks, which fortunately for me, is not hard to do.)

Zoo 2: Splish-Splash

As I said before, our first stop on our trip to Brookfield Zoo was the dolphin show. They have apparently been doing this for over 50 years. I swear up and down that it started when I was a kid, but apparently, I’m just terribly confused.

"I love mackerel!" says a cheerful dolphin. (In my head)

Here’s a gallery of dolphin images. I had a good time. ISO 1250 on a camera that does an acceptable 3200 didn’t look too bad either. Set to aperture priority, I had shutter speeds in the 1/400 – 1/1000 range, indoors.

These dolphins were smart. Fortunately, they can’t do anything to us. Unless they learn how to fly or something…

Oh well, At least they can't drive yet...

I realize that the whole gallery is full of pics of dolphins “Flying,” so that kind of negates the whole joke, but I had to show off that picture. Just let it go.

Anyways, that’s it for the dolphins. Let’s let them say goodbye….

Thanks guys.