A Dim Red Disk

I got this one on my way out to Coulterville this Monday. It looks cool, yes, but not nearly as cool as it did in real life where it was much more…subtle. It was so dim you barely believe it was even the sun. Just a really rare and unique sunset. Oh well.

Ok, so it still looks pretty boss here, just not the same as it did IRL.


This week’s roadies

Got some pictures out while driving around with my wife.We got pulled over coming home after this all. Had a headlight out. Also didn’t have my license with me. Or my insurance card. Cop was nice and didn’t ticket me, because, whoo boy, he could have. Got the light fixed. License is in the car now too.

Camera in hand, I wait…for my wife to get off of work.

A lot of my photos I take when I’m out with my awesome photo buddies or my wife, Meghan.

These ones I took when I was giving her a ride home from work, or rather, waiting to do so.

Just took this while waiting for Meghan to come out of work.

I’ve got a couple here that I took outside of Meghan’s workwhile waiting for her to emerge for the day.

Same here. It was good light, about 7:30 p.m., when she got off.

This one was across the street from where I was waiting.

I love it when light is good when I have my camera.