Relaxing in the courthouse

Found this guy sitting in the courthouse yesterday when I went to read the court reports…


Thursdays are also Farmers’ Market Days, which is held in front of the courthouse. I guess someone bought this and didn’t have room in their office for it. I just thought it was kind of funny, that’s all.


Sunday evening photos

Roadies….some of my favorite pictures, and definitely a good way to spend time, both artistically and in the grand scheme of things. Meghan decided we had spent too much time indoors over the weekend and said we were going out, adding, “Grab your camera!”


The best part is, after that, she took me out to dinner too. I love my wife.

Navy Pier people pics

A mother and child (presumably), waiting at a crosswalk.

Went to Navy Pier with friends while back at home in Chicago. We rode the ferris wheel, saw some sights and I took no-look-through-the-viewfinder candids of people that were out, which I have a lot of fun with. Hope you like ’em.