The new place

Here are a couple of photographs I shot in the area around Meghan and my new home in Nashville. I’m sure the city friends will scoff– it is a trailer. But it’s next to no one, so we’re not stuck dealing with Ricky, Julian and their pals. Although, that would be kind of awesome…

Don’t judge me. It’s really nice (On the inside, which Meghan sayys I can’t show until the boxes are gone).

Speaking of boxes…

The funky old fashioned pill bottles of screws in the garage/lean-to thing? Yep, those are mine.

I’ve always thought it would be cool to have my gas located on-site like this. It’s at about 35% right now, but we aren’t using much of it in the summer.

Here’s our back porch.

A little more of a closeup of the back porch…

The backyard seriously is bordered by a cornfield.

You can walk right into it if you want to. Enjoy the bugs if you do!

Light beam hitting a branch.

Sookie explores her new surroundings.

The sunset. Actually shot from our place, but across the road to the neighbors.


Golden flowers

So many of these posts mention Meghan, which is because so much of the time, when I’m shooting for fun, she’s out with me.

This shot is hers, sorta, she saw it, she had me back the car up on the country road, she even shot it. But she didn’t like her pic, and I saw the photo she wanted in my mind. So I took the camera and got this.

I'm a sucker for pretty flowers.

So any ways, I’d say we split credit on this one…


There goes the sun….

Meghan was with me the last time I went out shooting. And the time before that come to think of it. And before, and before, etc.

Anyways, Meghan found herself, not for the first time, as a photo subject, because I had a cool portrait idea. The sun was going down, I had a clear shot on it and it was falling. Strobe was on a light stand in the back seat.

Meghan said she initially thought I was having her stand there for shadow or something like that.She said she thought she might be acting like a reflector or something too. Not in a purple shirt honey…We don’t want no color casts here.

Couple of test shots for strobe, fast shutter speed to darken the sky, telephoto to pancake everything and to make the sun sorta big in frame and BAM! We got it! Hope you guys like it.

I got lucky and married "Up" a class when it came to looks.

(Note: When you put your wife’s photo on your blog, she gets to choose the picture that goes up. You also gotta compliment her looks, which fortunately for me, is not hard to do.)

This week’s roadies

Got some pictures out while driving around with my wife.We got pulled over coming home after this all. Had a headlight out. Also didn’t have my license with me. Or my insurance card. Cop was nice and didn’t ticket me, because, whoo boy, he could have. Got the light fixed. License is in the car now too.

Out for some evening driving

I was supposed to meet my photo class/club at the office last night to talk about some computer related and blogging type stuff. But it was about 74 out, sunny and there was a breeze. So we went for a drive instead. I had some fun. Unfortunately, an upset/empty stomach brought me back home earlier than I would have liked, but the pictures are nice.

Gladiator. We found a wheat field and I asked "Who wants to help me do a 'Gladiator' Shot?" Only Aubrey, who is a movie buff and used to work at Movie Gallery knew what I was talking about.

Aubrey, who runs Creative Creations Photography, is one of the students and the one who is most into this club and photography in general. Oh, and she also shot Meghan and my wedding, which was cool. Anyways, she was our navigator, driver and director for the night. She was also disappointed when I said it was time to head back to Flora.


For that one, I was just trying to get a picture of a cow (An uncooperative little cow), when Meghan said to get a picture of the barb wire fence and the trees. Not the first one I pointed the camera at either. This one. So this is is sort-of her shot. But only sort-of.

I love turning specular highlights into starbursts. Flash on the foreground.

This one I was trying to strobe light the vegetation in front and let the sun shine through in back, but it took too long to get everything ready, so I ended up not getting the sun as bright as I wanted. Still nice though.

A locust. Ok, a cicada. Apparently, there's a difference. I'm no entymologist. Or is it Etymologist. One is names, one is bugs and I'm afrain I forget which is which.

Got the locust shot right next to the sun shot. Used the same strobe to light it.

A really cool old cemetery.

The highlight of the trip, which Aubrey said was just getting started when Meghan and I bugged out for dinner, was Bunker Cemetery. It was awesome. Due in no small part to the light being real good when we got there.


If you don’t like flare-y glare-y type shots like this, just navigate away now.

Some nice light again.

Aged 22 days.

I like the grave and the plant together.

I’d probably re-shoot that last one, because the focus is not on, but I still liked it too much to leave it out.

Just really like the feel of this one. Plus, flare-/glare-y.

Told you there'd be more flare and glare.

Pretty cool gate at the back entrance of the cemetery.

Add in the off-camera strobe, thank you pocket wizard.

Another Meghan suggestion, right next to the gate. Strobe on the fence post.

So yeah. A lot of flare and glare. Still had fun. Thanks for looking!