Out with the class

Teaching a new class this semester. I’m very excited, because so far, this is a good class, with good photography. And I’m excited because my last two classes got cancelled due to low enrollment and this one almost did too.

Anyways, we went out shooting last night and we brought Aubrey, Lou Ann and Michael with us. They’re part of my photo club, which is how we had class when there wasn’t one. Next week, maybe I’ll post some pics from the students to follow this. For now, here are some pictures I shot that I liked. As you may also notice, I used some new Lightroom presets, so excuse my enthusiasm for those.



Class at the park (or, how high does the heron fly?)

Well, maybe it’s not really class…After all, my class got cancelled due to low enrollment. I had a few loyal students, who are or, at least, have become, my friends, who wanted to keep meeting. And taking a night or so a week to talk about photography isn’t too bad. So we still call it class. We sit around and BS about pictures and sometimes, anything else we want too.

Since it’s been nice out though, we went and did one of our favorite things to do in class this last time. Go out shooting at the park. Plus, it wasn’t just the park like normal, this time, we got into the Country Club instead. Swanky. Here are some pics.

Blossoms, later to be blackberries.

Some cool lichen (fungus?) growing on a broken log.

Here’s when I really started having fun. No, not driving the golf cart. We were about to leave and I saw something big and flying in the corner of my eye. Meghan turned the cart around and we found this….

I do believe this is a blue heron. If anyone out there is orny, feel free to correct me.

Excuse any lack of sharpness, noise and motion blur. It was around 8:30 p.m. and the sun was down or was headed that way. These were taken at ISO 3200, f 2.8 and I was pushing it at a 1/250. But I got him.


Same heron, in flight.

And this one is Meghan's favorite. She likes the reflection below it. She's got an eye for that kind of thing.