Farewell Photos, Part 3

Moving right along…

Trevor Bissey. Trevor is the mayor of Clay City. He’s also involved with Clay City’s American Legion and Lion’s Club. One of the things Trevor really does well at is acting as a Booster for his town. In that capacity, Trevor served on the Route 50 Coalition, a group dedicated to seeing U.S. Highway 50 widened to four lanes, as their chairperson. I did a photo for them to use in an ad which I featured here a while back.

The competition. These guys work for the other newspapers in the area. At left is Lindell “Smitty” Smith, of the Clay County Republican; and on the right is Rob West, of the Hometown Journal. See ya, guys. It’s been real.

A few of the members of Chapter 80 of the Disabled American Veterans. Dennis Lousig-Nont, Chuck Schryer, and Sue and Doug Stout. These guys are awesome to work with. They let their guard down near me, tell jokes, have fun, let me know what the real deal is. For that, I do what I can to try and give them good stories and hopefully, help find them volunteer drivers and money for vans (They drive vets to their hospital appointments). So in other words, if you’re reading this, thinking, “I’ve got free time and can drive a van,” CALL THEM UP. And seriously, don’t these folks look like people you’d want to work with?

Stacy Bullard. Stacy is the Chief of the Village of Xenia’s Volunteer Fire Department. He’s another one who I always look forward to working with. Even when he’s busy, even if it’s at the scene of a fire he tries to talk to me. He doesn’t have to; I won’t be insulted, but that’s just how he rolls. Also Xenia Fish Fry: It’s the fire department’s big annual fundraiser. One of the early times I came there, he ferried me around on a gator. We don’t have gators and ATVs and such in the City (Because that would just be too cool), so that was pretty dang awesome.

Steve and Ruthie Welty. The Welty’s are big in the American Legion in Flora, big on honoring our vets, and big on making sure that future vets don’t get marginalized the way so many Vietnam era guys did. Steve has been the post commander. Now I believe he’s District Vice Commander (expect an edit if I mixed that up) and may be working on a state level position sometime. Ruthie founded the Illinois Women Veterans Group here in Flora. For a number of years, they hosted a POW/MIA recognition day, which featured a parade, a meal for POWs, a program and speakers. Lately, Ruthie has helped to found the Shooting Stars Patriotic Drill Team, a healthy activity for young women (and men).








Farewell Photos, Part 2

And now, part 2, in case you couldn’t read the title above…

ESDA (Emergency Services Disaster Agency) Director Steve Lewis. Steve’s a good guy. Always willing to take a few minutes to chat, even when he’s busy. And whooo-boy is he busy. In addition to a day job as a 911 operator, Steve directs this all-volunteer agency which despite the name, handles a lot more than weather. ESDA has storm spotters, reserve policemen, first responders, rescue crews and much more. Lewis organizes this stuff, plans exercises, and just kind of keeps tabs on it all.

Librarians of the Flora Public Library. From Left, Angela Garrett, Tina McCormack, Lindsey West, Joyce Denoncour, Donna Corry, and Deirde Klein. I’ve done numerous stories for the library. Every summer I can count on their summer reading program giving me shots of kids enjoying the cool performers and educators that come there. They continually try to do more with Flora’s Library than I think anyone expects in this size of town. That’s the other reason I’ll miss them though. This is my library! They’ve made it great and I love getting books or movies here, or just taking a walk in and browsing. And always friendly, oh yeah. Nashville’s Public Library has some pretty big shoes to fill.

Bill Atwood. He owns North Wayne Insurance Agency, but more importantly to me, he’s the President of the Flora Academic Foundation, which is a non-profit that gets things for the schools (to grossly oversimplify). Bill is a pretty patriotic fellow, and when I thought of these pictures, Bill’s had to be by the American Flag he puts out in front of his business everyday. Putting it out is, “The first thing we do here every morning,” he says. Bill is a great talker. I don’t mean that as an insult. I generally think of myself as a talker. I can always call him up about something having to do with the FAF and get an eloquent quote that feels more like something someone would think about and write, rather than just blurt out.

Deena Mosbarger. Deena is a project coordinator (I believe) with the Clay County Health Department. She is the one I’m talking to if I need a comment, and come flu season, when I start hearing superstitious nonsense about vaccines causing elephantitis or whatever, she’s the one I call to help me debunk it. Deena has always been a joy to talk to and to be around. Even when it’s not for a story, she lends me a hand, like sending me in the direction of the Hot Biscuit. Thanks Deena!

Oh yeah, there’s a part 3 too. Coming soon…



Navy Pier people pics

A mother and child (presumably), waiting at a crosswalk.

Went to Navy Pier with friends while back at home in Chicago. We rode the ferris wheel, saw some sights and I took no-look-through-the-viewfinder candids of people that were out, which I have a lot of fun with. Hope you like ’em.