Sunday evening photos

Roadies….some of my favorite pictures, and definitely a good way to spend time, both artistically and in the grand scheme of things. Meghan decided we had spent too much time indoors over the weekend and said we were going out, adding, “Grab your camera!”


The best part is, after that, she took me out to dinner too. I love my wife.


Backyard pics

I was at my in-laws’ house and I went out the car to get something. On my way out, I saw these weird bean things growing from one of their trees.

Like peapods or something. Mom-in-law didn’t know what they were and said they had only started appearing on that tree recently.

I liked the layered look they had and the repeating patterns, so I shot a few frames. After some work in the computer, this is what I got. I love it!

Cool, right?

Zoo 3: Flutterbies…and kids

One of the really cool things we did at the Brookfield Zoo was to go to their butterfly enclosure. It cost an extra $2 or something, so that kept many of the crowds out. Add to that the fact that the huge swarming school trips weren’t going through there and it made for an oasis amongst the hustle.

Anyways, I got off of my feet for a while and sat on one of the many park benches. Meghan on the other hand, had a lot of fun shooting photos of butterflies and kids. So yeah, these are pretty much all hers.


My favorite of the pictures of kids.

And my Fav butterfly picture.