Just some quick pics on the way upstairs

Had some storms roll through here the other night. The next day, I had to shoot photos of the damage for the paper.

This isn’t about those photos though. It’s just that Meghan wanted to see them. And she needed an AA battery. Whatever. What’s important is that I ended up needing to go back down to the car to get the camera and the battery. It was evening and I do love evening light, so I took a few pictures on the way upstairs. Pretty proud of these for quickies.

Some raindrops on our honeysuckle.

The light above our entryway. Plus some bugs.

A leaf from the same honeysuckle. The veins on these leaves look totally boss.



050311_Droplets-0853, originally uploaded by Alex Haglund.

Found this on my way out of a Flora City Council meeting on a very rainy Monday. I had my camera bagged up and protected from the rain and I saw this, said “F#*!” and got the camera out and shot it, raindrops on the camera back and all. No malfunctions later and I’m pretty happy with the shot.

Fall Colors

My boss, Mark (who you can see in the portraits from the earlier post about being a photographer’s guinea pig; he’s the one with the tie…..not my dad) and I had an idea last year for a feature photo of fall colors from the top ot the Flora Cargill plant. This year, we took the photo. The assistant plant manager took us up and we got a great view:


Looking northwest from the Flora Cargill Plant.

So, in the interest of full discretion, Mark actually shot this. We both went up to the roof, but I stayed there while Mark ascended the scaffolding on top of the roof. I am not a fan of heights. I was happy with as far as I had come anyway. I work on the different color’s responses in Lightroom to make the colors pop.

Another “fall” story, especially around here, is the harvest. I knew I would be able to get a good image for Mark’s story if I just took a drive at a good hour. With my camera and telephoto on the seat next to me, I take a drive. I found this harvester going northeast of town. The dust really makes the picture.110509_harvestWEB