Fun With Instagram

So Meghan and I finally bit the bullet and started living life in the ’10s (Or the teens or whatever we’re gonna call this decade…), and bought smartphones. Woot! I got a Samsung Galaxy SIII, which is every bit as functionally badass as an iPhone but isn’t used by everyone and their mother.

So, Instagram…I don’t know what I used to think of it: Pretty hipstery, kinda lame, but there were a ton of actual decent photographers who used, some of whom I knew personally and could verify that they weren’t douches. And now I use it too. I still think the “Everyone who takes one decent photo thinks they’re an honest-to-God photographer” thing wears a bit thin, but damned if I don’t really like Instagram.

Got this one out at the State Park that literally surrounds the land we live on. With a freakin’ phone. Booyah. (Ok, so Ma Nature really did most of the work here, but I was glad to be there).

It’s been nice to have with me on shoots to kind of document what I’m document or get something out there before I get “The Paper” shots in

Like at parades. A lot of parades recently. This one was in Oakdale and there were tiny horses.

I guess the thing is, I don’t always have my camera on me. Sometimes, it’s due to forgetfulness or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, other times it’s a conscious decision because I’ve already worked enough. But my phone is with me.

Like Rummage Sale-ing on a Saturday…

Or taking the dogs out to poop in the morning…

Or just checking out the different towns around our new home…

And let’s not forget the already way-too-common pet photos…

I didn’t even have to get my butt up off the couch for this one.

So I like it. I’m gonna keep using it too, until it gets old or the next cool thing pops up. I’d put it on here, but WordPress-hosted blogs don’t have an Instagram plugin or sidebar…yet. Anyways, come and follow me on there if you’re into that sort of thing. The name’s Hagglesworth.


Farewell Photos, Part 4

Yep, there’s a lot of these. Starting to worry I shot enough of them that I’m going to disappoint whoever I forgot. Oh well.

My coworkers. Sally Neville, Delivery; Nancy Bible, Ad Sales; Natalie Berry (expecting young baby Berry near Christmas time. Woo-Hoo!), Classifieds, page design and a lot more; and Jennifer Lewis, circulation manager. Not pictured is Mike Linville, our sports editor. It’s not everyone I’ve worked with. There are some memorable folks missing who are no longer with the Advocate, but these ladies have been amazing to work with. I’m glad to call them my friends. They will be missed.

Yep. Pretty awesome coworkers. You want to know what they did for me on this, my last day there? Pizza, drinks, hanging out. Oh, and Jennifer baked this for me:

*Sniff* I’m gonna miss this place.

Chief John Nicholson of the Flora Police. The Chief has been good to the paper, always filling us in on what’s going on, as much as he can and still be doing his job, which I don’t envy. During the time I’ve been here, I’ve seen a full-scale SWAT demonstration, gotten to try a shoot/no-shoot electronic firearms simulator, and have gotten TASERed (willingly). They have given me some of the more fun stories I’ve been involved with. There have also been stories of tragedies that, necessarily, the police have been involved with as well. I may not remember these as fondly, but throughout it all, I’ll remember how Chief Nicholson and his officers conducted themselves: with courtesy and professionalism, qualities not all departments hold in such high esteem.

Marsha and Graham Dewsbury. Marsha and Graham are correspondents that write and shoot photos for our paper. They have been a joy to work with and most of the time, I end up blowing a lot of time chit-chatting with them. They’re really good folks. After one of the first assignments that I had them do, I came to the office to find a pen and a pin they had given me from the Shriners. I tried to give it back to them and they said, “Oh no, that’s for you.” It’s just the kind of folks that they are. Plus, Graham is a retired culinary teacher and gardener, so we always have a lot to talk about, including me showing him photos here on the blog of stuff I made.

Aubrey Eads. You’ve met Aubrey’s son and daughter before, here and here. Here’s there Mom. Aubrey is a single Mom working a full time job, who is trying to build her photo business too. despite all of this, she seems to have a better handle on things than Meghan and I do together, without kids. Well, without human kids anyways. Aubrey started out as “The red-haired chick at the Movie Gallery,” then became “The red-haired chick at the bank.” I actually got to know her when she took my class, and now shes a friend of Meghan’s and mine. She’s shot our wedding photos, and our anniversary photos as well. So basically, Aubrey rocks.

Kyle Shafer. Former Advocate-Press graphic designer, currently video game playing pal of Alex. Shaf’s da man. Wasn’t sure if I wanted to put this here, because though we’ll be further away, I WILL see Kyle some more. He’s my homeboy. Oh, and you’ve seen his art before too. Here, here, and here.

Here’s a little bonus for you. I sent that picture to Kyle. To show you how far it’s come along, here’s the original:

So I may have done a few things in Lightroom with it. Just auto-levels, really.

I sent him the final above and the original and then, I got this back. Can’t keep an artist down. Here’s Kyle’s “Banksy-ed”  version:

Skull house wants to eat you…

So that’s about it for my farewell pics. I’ve got two more I’m trying to schedule, so I’ll try to get those in. Thank you all for checking them out. Adios!






Easter Pictures, belated

Here’s a gallery of pictures I shot for my friend Aubrey of Creative Creations Photography. One of the kids here, “NaNa” was in an earlier post, but now she had to get dressed up nice to get Easter pictures taken with her little brother, Jude.

Navy Pier people pics

A mother and child (presumably), waiting at a crosswalk.

Went to Navy Pier with friends while back at home in Chicago. We rode the ferris wheel, saw some sights and I took no-look-through-the-viewfinder candids of people that were out, which I have a lot of fun with. Hope you like ’em.

And now our home smells like a smokehouse again…

Smoked pork loin and chicken

So my brothers are back in the United States from China. Or they were, Willy went back yesterday, but in any event, we’ve recently seen them both for the first time in about a year. They came down here, we had some fun then headed back to Chicago for a great big barbecue, family and friends and fun. My contribution was barbecue pork. Ok, Meghan and I managed a lot of the food, but the barbecue was the highlight and by far, the most labor intensive dish.

I started out before they came to see me in Flora, defrosting the pork butt, then marinating it in a crockpot with an apple juice and meat tenderizer marinate, both soaking and injected. Then, I drained off the excess juice, then I coated it in Hagglerub, which Meghan insists I call “Haglund’s Country BBQ Seasoning” because she thinks “Hagglerub” sounds gross. Then onto my little offset smoker, charcoal for heat, water-soaked hickory (I’ve used apple, cherry and mesquite too) for smoke. After about 5 to 8 hours on the smoker, or basically, when I get tired of babysitting it, I pull it off and finish cooking in the kitchen.

Blasphemy! I know, a purist would cook it the whole way on the smoker. Don’t care.

So anyway, we put the thing in the oven, covered, with some water for a while; or in the case of my my brothers’ welcome home barbecue, into the slow cooker, also with some moisture, and I let it cook until morning. Then I toss the thing onto a cutting board, shred it, add some more seasonings and freeze it for the trip up there. Oh yeah, cooked barbecue is better once it has been frozen.

I reheated it in the slow cooker again and added a can of chicken broth for some more moisture. Overall, it’s the best barbecue I’ve made. Unfortunately, everyone else agreed as well. I went to gather a little to hoard and bring home, but none was left. Which brings us to where we are now. I had a sandwich, but I was left without the fix I wanted.

So I had a few assorted packages of meat in the freezer and I thought, let’s do something a little simpler on the process than the full pork shoulder and marinated up a Tyson Lemon pepper pork loin and a few chicken drummies. I injected the loin with some vegetable oil, because they tend to be a little lean. Then, apple juice marinate for the loin and an Italian Dressing based one for the chicken,onto the smker with hickory they go, and , VOILA! Look’s good, dontit?

Yes. Yes it does.

Of Ferris Wheels and Seagulls

We went to Navy Pier when we in Chicago over the weekend. Fun was had, plus some pictures were taken. Candid People Pics to follow…

Delicious Haglund house Chicken Tikka Masala


Delicious Haglund house Chicken Tikka Masala

Made chicken tikka masala last night after having it in Chicago over the weekend. I really liked it, and I also really like the fact that it’s supposed to be the quintessentially British dish of the new millennium, even if it’s “Indian.” It kind of reminds me of our “Chinese” General Tso’s Chicken, or of Taco Bell. Bastardizations can be awesome. I based it on the recipe “Chicken Tikka Masala, by Pastor Ryan” from the Pioneer Woman’s site.