Sunday evening photos

Roadies….some of my favorite pictures, and definitely a good way to spend time, both artistically and in the grand scheme of things. Meghan decided we had spent too much time indoors over the weekend and said we were going out, adding, “Grab your camera!”


The best part is, after that, she took me out to dinner too. I love my wife.


Meghan takes pictures too

My beautiful wife, Meghan (I’ve gotta say that, she’s sitting right next to me), takes pictures too. She’s shot photos of things and events that are important to her, but she wants to improve the technical end of things.

Ever since we were dating, we’ve taken road trips to go out shooting in the evenings. On one of our more recent ones, she took the camera and was doing the shooting herself.

P.S. Meghan is not a fan of my recent toying with back-button autofocus. I’ve gotta switch it back to the shutter button when she takes over, ’cause she hates that shit.

Anyways, these are all hers.

A grass stem in front of a field of yellow blooms. This is the one where the back-button autofocus drove Meghan batty. After this, I switched it back to the shutter button.

I know it's just a stop sign, but I really like what's going on here in terms of the ambience, the evening colors and so forth.

Some type of rotted crop plant or weed in a farmer's field. Switch the AF to the regular button and Meghan realizes that it's my wonky settings, not her that have been messing with her pictures. She is not happy.

A pair of deer bounding away from the woman in the field coming towards them with what they assume is a gun. It's just a camera. Stupid deer.

Another nice evening ambience photo, showing our city friends just how small stuff can be around here.

Some nice white blooms. Probably technically a weed, no matter how pretty they are.

Totally cool looking rusty sign. "It looks cool because it's slanted," says Meghan.

So there you go. Pretty nice work, huh.