The new place

Here are a couple of photographs I shot in the area around Meghan and my new home in Nashville. I’m sure the city friends will scoff– it is a trailer. But it’s next to no one, so we’re not stuck dealing with Ricky, Julian and their pals. Although, that would be kind of awesome…

Don’t judge me. It’s really nice (On the inside, which Meghan sayys I can’t show until the boxes are gone).

Speaking of boxes…

The funky old fashioned pill bottles of screws in the garage/lean-to thing? Yep, those are mine.

I’ve always thought it would be cool to have my gas located on-site like this. It’s at about 35% right now, but we aren’t using much of it in the summer.

Here’s our back porch.

A little more of a closeup of the back porch…

The backyard seriously is bordered by a cornfield.

You can walk right into it if you want to. Enjoy the bugs if you do!

Light beam hitting a branch.

Sookie explores her new surroundings.

The sunset. Actually shot from our place, but across the road to the neighbors.


Salsa time!

From the top, we’ve got saucy salsa, corn salsa, and pico style salsa.

As you may have noticed in a previous post, we have fresh tomatoes from our garden. Due to a combination of drought conditions, lack of a hose and laziness, we haven’t had too much luck with the other denizens of our garden, but tomatoes we’ve got.Among these are a fairly good amount of Roma-type tomatoes for me to make sauces and salsa with. And Meghan has been bugging me to get on it and make some before the ‘maters go bad…but it’s been so freakin’ hot!

This morning it wasn’t though. I got my motivation together and made three kinds of salsa, as shown above. I use a handmill type chopper to cut up my ingredients, it’s sort-of a like a small food processor with only one blade and a hand crank to operate it.

I quartered onions and the tomatoes and cut the stems off of the pitifully few anaheim peppers from the garden. Tomatoes I cut the stems from and halved or quartered.

For the corn salsa, I mixed frozen corn with fresh chopped cilantro, some of the tomatoes, some canned green chilis, some diced jalapenos (unfortunately, from a jar), salt, pepper. and lime.

For the saucy salsa (I don’t really know what to call it, but it comes out like a salsa you might buy at a store in a jar, just much fresher), I added a can of Rotel tomato and green chili sauce, diced canned green chilis, the rest of the anaheims, more jalapenos, garlic from a jar, and the salt, pepper, and lime again. This was all simmered on the stove for about half an hour.

Finally, for the pico de gallo style salsa, I used the same ingredients as the saucy salsa, but omitted the Rotel sauce. When I finished running it through the mill, it was very green (and probably still really tasty), but I wanted some more tomatoes, so I cut up a  few more fresh ones (They weren’t quite as ripe as the others I used, but still, they were good.)

Overall, my favorite was the saucy salsa. It gained a bit of sweetness from the cooking. I’m not a huge fan of corn salsa for dipping, so that one’s standing may improve as I make some tacos or something to put it on. They were all awesome, and all better than salsas without garden-fresh stuff in them. Next season, I’ll improve my gardening technique and will have even more to work with.

Sunday evening photos

Roadies….some of my favorite pictures, and definitely a good way to spend time, both artistically and in the grand scheme of things. Meghan decided we had spent too much time indoors over the weekend and said we were going out, adding, “Grab your camera!”


The best part is, after that, she took me out to dinner too. I love my wife.