Zoo 4: Final Zoo…or something about monkeys, meh.

Yep, last of our zoo pics post. Seriously, who goes to the zoo and shoots 700 pictures? I have a problem, and with they way Meghan’s shooting pictures, it’s apparently contagious. Whatever…Look Monkeys!

Insert "Swinger" joke here. No but seriously, there was no monkey action to be watched. My 5-year-old self would be diasppointed.

These were all taken at Tropic World in Brookfield Zoo. Also known as Alex’s favorite zoo exhibit ever. Which I admit doesn’t sound as good. But seriously, gorillas.

"What don't you get about 'no eye contact'?" asks this surly fellow.

This guy is awesome! Just look at that. He's like a squirrel that isn't an idiot. I assume.

That’s cool. What an adorable little monkey thing. Only one thing that could make it better….

Yup, he's got his tongue sticking out while he eats a cookie. My day is complete.


Zoo 3: Flutterbies…and kids

One of the really cool things we did at the Brookfield Zoo was to go to their butterfly enclosure. It cost an extra $2 or something, so that kept many of the crowds out. Add to that the fact that the huge swarming school trips weren’t going through there and it made for an oasis amongst the hustle.

Anyways, I got off of my feet for a while and sat on one of the many park benches. Meghan on the other hand, had a lot of fun shooting photos of butterflies and kids. So yeah, these are pretty much all hers.


My favorite of the pictures of kids.

And my Fav butterfly picture.

Zoo 2: Splish-Splash

As I said before, our first stop on our trip to Brookfield Zoo was the dolphin show. They have apparently been doing this for over 50 years. I swear up and down that it started when I was a kid, but apparently, I’m just terribly confused.

"I love mackerel!" says a cheerful dolphin. (In my head)

Here’s a gallery of dolphin images. I had a good time. ISO 1250 on a camera that does an acceptable 3200 didn’t look too bad either. Set to aperture priority, I had shutter speeds in the 1/400 – 1/1000 range, indoors.

These dolphins were smart. Fortunately, they can’t do anything to us. Unless they learn how to fly or something…

Oh well, At least they can't drive yet...

I realize that the whole gallery is full of pics of dolphins “Flying,” so that kind of negates the whole joke, but I had to show off that picture. Just let it go.

Anyways, that’s it for the dolphins. Let’s let them say goodbye….

Thanks guys.

Zoo Pics (part 1)

With Meghan and I living in Clay County, where she grew up and me being from Chicago, where my parents still live, there are plenty of roadtrips to make. I’m pretty close to my parents and I have a good group of friends I’ve had since High School or earlier that live there, so our trips are usually made on a monthly basis.

This last weekend’s trip was our first since we got married though and while it was for my friend Bill’s bachelor party, my Mother, Mary Sue, said she wanted to take us to Brookfield Zoo, where she is a member. My Dad, Jim, came as well. It was a hot Friday and we arrived at about 11 a.m.

Mom and Dad. Guess which is which!

First thing we did was beat feet for the dolphin show, but I’ll put some of those pics in a later post. Here’s some pictures of us and some animals at the rest of the Zoo. We’ll post dolphins, butterflies and cute kid candids later.

King of the naps.

If that guy is king, I've gotta at least be a baron of naps. Photo by Meghan.

Just because this polar bear is against global warming, doesn't mean he has to like Al Gore.

Sorry, I'm not coming up with anything as far as eagle-based puns to caption this with.

Lot of competition in the arena of napping on hot days at the zoo.

Apparently, even camels aren't huge fans of getting their picture taken while eating.

Here's Meghan. I took this right after me. I think we'll end this post with a picture of one of her favorite animals....

The stately giraffe! Picture by Meghan. That's all, thanks for reading.