Here’s my pal and less enthusiastically, my boss, Mark Lambird, hard at work at the office. He’s the one from this picture here. Still on my 4X5 kick, I shot this one with a lens. 100 Speed PolaPan again. Expired as well, again. I’m gonna have to just blow out the film holders and bite the bullet. As with my pinhole pictures, computer corrections for tone, contrast and to a lesser extent, color, are fairly extensive. There was a band of low contrast through the middle that I corrected as well as I could. Gotta attribute that one to film that expired five years ago and has been stored, among other places in garages and car trunks, over warm summers. When you look at it that way, it could been a lot worse, eh?


Anywhoo, I didn’t feel like going to the car for the meter. I used my standard “Institutional Lighting” exposure of 1/60s, f2.8, ISO 400. Lengthened that for restrictions in the lens and film stock to 1/4s, f5.6, ISO 100. Thing is, rating that Polaroid at 100 always seemed a touch overly rosy. And thinking that our office’s lighting is anywhere near the “Institutional Lighting” exposure is “There’s no ecological catastrophe hitting the Gulf Coast” rosy.


More shots though a pinhole

Well, here’s my second set of pinhole images. These were shot using my Calumet 4X5. I unscrewed the lens from the lensboard and taped a piece of cinefoil over the opening. Then I punched a hole in the center of the foil with the tip of a pushpin. I’ve gotta say, I like the effect and the effective focal length a lot better than using the jerry-rigged body cap I used for the previous set. Anyways, here you go.

Pinhole 2

The CSX line, behind the Advocate-Press office, looking east.

Oh, for film on these, rather than load, unload and wait to develop sheet film, I broke in to my stash of expired 4X5 Polapan 100 Polaroid film. The most recent of these expired 5 years ago. I was also having issues with parts of the image peeling off with the emulsion. I think it works for what we have here.

The same view twice, looking east at the intersection of North Ave. and Main St. in Flora.

These two peeled the most.

Some pallets, the back door to the office and the Advocate-Press van.

Remember, none of these images were taken with a lens.

A look across the CSX tracks (looking south) behind my office.

Pallets and dumpsters, once again, behind my office.

Another view from in front of the Advocate-Press office. This one is looking west down North Ave.

Thanks for checking them out. I’m enjoying having something new to do photographically.

Through a pinhole

So I made me a little pinhole camera…sort-of. I got a little bit of hair up to actually try this. I always thought it would be cool.

A look down the block from where I live.

I made my camera a pinhole by finding an old body cap and putting a hole into it. I decided to make the hole by heating a needle up with a lighter, then poking it through. It left some microstrands of plastic across the opening though. I heated it up and ran it through again. Visually, it looks to be pretty perfectly centered, but the image is pretty off center. I cropped these to get it. I think that the aperture is not so much off-center as it is angled.

The Shriners flag.

I also think that the aperture may be a touch large. I could actually see through it when it’s on the camera, just barely. So these may not be as sharp as ones from a  smaller pinhole. Then again it’s a pinhole.

My 'No Parking' Signs. Specifically for Appleknocker in the fall

As for focal length, it seems a touch long. I’d like to try this again, making a pinhole for my 4X5. I bet I could get a 75mm focal length on that and have a real wide angle. Or, I could set it anywhere on the rail. Of course, doing this on my D70 does have some advantages. The short distance between the film plane and the cap makes it so that there’s no fall-off. Plus, no compensation is necessary for reciprocity failure. Still, I’d like to do this again soon on film. I just don’t have the money to process it if I do shoot that way right now.

Flora High School. And a tree.

Some glass brick windows on the first floor of my building.

Some weeds and a dandelion.

The neighbors' house.

A crack in my building's wall.

A view of buildings near the intersection of North Ave. and Main St. in Flora.