yet another look back

In the process of going through old photos, I seem to continually be finding ones that I want to have digitized versions of. It’s summer, it’s hot and nasty out and archival work is part of the huge apartment cleanup/remodeling work that I’ve got going on. If I’m going to have to move all of these portfolio boxes around, I may as well take a look at the pics inside of them. Enjoy.



DetroitRiverfrontWEB, originally uploaded by Alex Haglund.

A picture of some wrapped up equipment on the Detroit side of the river, looking over at Windsor, Ontario.
Shot on a 35 mm with a tripod. Printed on some kind of textured creamy based paper.

Old Pics, New Scans

I raided the walls of Mom and Dad’s House and peeled down some of my older pictures. Specifically, ones that I printed for them in the real darkroom, as opposed to digitally. I still am fond of these images, even after as much as a decade. Details follow the images.

Ooohh, so pillar-y.

A photo of some of the pillars in the Basilica Cathedral in St. Louis. I went there as part of a field trip for an SIUC "Expressions in Architecture" class. Shot on ISO 800 Fujicolor Press through a Hassleblad with a 50mm lens.

This one is a bicycle wine rack that I got from the bike shop I worked at in high school, Oak Park Cyclery. On my parents living room floor in afternoon light. Not sure about the specs, but I’m guessing it was shot on HP5 rated at 400 in my F100 with a Tamron 28-105 f 2.8.

The aquarium behind him was for his 7-foot red-tailed boa constrictor

My brother Tyler, in his room, back when he was about 14-ish. Shot as part of a portfolio for the B&L Photo SIUC scholarship (I got an honorable mention). Lit with a bare-bulb Speedotron set in the corner of the room and shot with a 15mm Nikon fisheye lens I rented from Calumet.

One of the few infrared shots I've taken and actually liked

In an infrared shot taken in the alley behind my parents house of our neighbor, Kent’s, garage. Probably shot on the F100. Lens, not sure. Film was Kodak HIE with a yellow filter. Fun stuff, but kind of a pain to work with. I jazzed the contrast in PS– I remember printing this was working at the very threshold of my materials to get the print I had. Give me the latitude of HP5 or TriX any day.