Jockeying For The Best Spot On The Lawn

Got a shot of this little guy when I was in Okawville on the way to their Wheat Festival Parade. He’s white. Usually these things are early 20th century blackface and pretty minstrel-y. I wonder if this was a conversion.

With how much some of these things weigh, a real jockey might be easier on the horse.

Also, I think he supposed to be holding what used to be a crop or something, but it kinda looks like he’s giving a thumbs-up, so I’m gonna think of it that way.


Fun With Instagram

So Meghan and I finally bit the bullet and started living life in the ’10s (Or the teens or whatever we’re gonna call this decade…), and bought smartphones. Woot! I got a Samsung Galaxy SIII, which is every bit as functionally badass as an iPhone but isn’t used by everyone and their mother.

So, Instagram…I don’t know what I used to think of it: Pretty hipstery, kinda lame, but there were a ton of actual decent photographers who used, some of whom I knew personally and could verify that they weren’t douches. And now I use it too. I still think the “Everyone who takes one decent photo thinks they’re an honest-to-God photographer” thing wears a bit thin, but damned if I don’t really like Instagram.

Got this one out at the State Park that literally surrounds the land we live on. With a freakin’ phone. Booyah. (Ok, so Ma Nature really did most of the work here, but I was glad to be there).

It’s been nice to have with me on shoots to kind of document what I’m document or get something out there before I get “The Paper” shots in

Like at parades. A lot of parades recently. This one was in Oakdale and there were tiny horses.

I guess the thing is, I don’t always have my camera on me. Sometimes, it’s due to forgetfulness or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, other times it’s a conscious decision because I’ve already worked enough. But my phone is with me.

Like Rummage Sale-ing on a Saturday…

Or taking the dogs out to poop in the morning…

Or just checking out the different towns around our new home…

And let’s not forget the already way-too-common pet photos…

I didn’t even have to get my butt up off the couch for this one.

So I like it. I’m gonna keep using it too, until it gets old or the next cool thing pops up. I’d put it on here, but WordPress-hosted blogs don’t have an Instagram plugin or sidebar…yet. Anyways, come and follow me on there if you’re into that sort of thing. The name’s Hagglesworth.

A Seat With A View

I went to the Oakdale Homecoming parade last weekend to shoot some photos for the newspaper. I got this rather nice picture of Mr. Gary Torrens, set up with a nice view right before the parade kicked off.

Gary Torrens, in front of the baseball diamonds, waiting for the parade to start.

I liked the photo a lot, but didn’t have the space to run it, and other photos told the story better.

“This is the first parade I didn’t march in,” said Torrens. “Normally, I marched with the veterans’ float, but this year we didn’t have one.”

The Centralia Balloon Fest


This gallery contains 7 photos.

Meghan and I went to the Centralia Balloon Fest on Friday, August 17, dragging her cousin, JoAnn Dailey with us for the ride. Plus she drove, which was nice because we were a little broke to y’know, afford gas. Yay … Continue reading

Relaxing in the courthouse

Found this guy sitting in the courthouse yesterday when I went to read the court reports…


Thursdays are also Farmers’ Market Days, which is held in front of the courthouse. I guess someone bought this and didn’t have room in their office for it. I just thought it was kind of funny, that’s all.

The new place

Here are a couple of photographs I shot in the area around Meghan and my new home in Nashville. I’m sure the city friends will scoff– it is a trailer. But it’s next to no one, so we’re not stuck dealing with Ricky, Julian and their pals. Although, that would be kind of awesome…

Don’t judge me. It’s really nice (On the inside, which Meghan sayys I can’t show until the boxes are gone).

Speaking of boxes…

The funky old fashioned pill bottles of screws in the garage/lean-to thing? Yep, those are mine.

I’ve always thought it would be cool to have my gas located on-site like this. It’s at about 35% right now, but we aren’t using much of it in the summer.

Here’s our back porch.

A little more of a closeup of the back porch…

The backyard seriously is bordered by a cornfield.

You can walk right into it if you want to. Enjoy the bugs if you do!

Light beam hitting a branch.

Sookie explores her new surroundings.

The sunset. Actually shot from our place, but across the road to the neighbors.

First post from Nashville…

Here’s a quick one for you. Things have been hectic, getting into the new job and all that and trying to manage all the new things. But I did get time for a quick portrait. (I shot a wedding last week too, but all in good time). So without further delay, here’s my new landlord, Allen Porter.

Seriously, can you look at this fellow and not think that he’s got some awesome stories to tell?

Allen is 80 years old, but I don’t know if anyone told him. He’s obviously worked really hard to keep our place in tip-top shape, a fact that I’ll have in mind as I try to make sure it stays that way. He’s been super-friendly to Meghan and I too. Heck, he even brought me tomatoes.Allen is a U.S. Army veteran. He served in Korea, and then spent more than 20 years in the reserves after that. I look forward to talking with Allen even more in the days and years to come.

On an unrelated note, I mentioned my coworkers throwing a pizza party and getting me a cake when I left the Advocate-Press. Well, I must be blessed, or just really lucky when it comes to coworkers, because at my first day at The Nashville News, my new coworkers brought in a spread for lunch. Plus, Turtle Bars. Chocolate, caramel and a buttery crust…Yep, blessed.