Hi all,

The name’s Alexander Clarence Haglund. Or Alex. Or Al.

I’m a photographer working in a small town in southeastern  Illinois. My day job is as a reporter/photographer/fixer at a small (2500+/- circulation) newspaper. I also teach digital photography courses through the community college, work as a freelance photographer and I enjoy shooting or second shooting weddings. I am recently married; my lovely wife is Meghan Haglund, formerly Riley.

Between the two of us, we have four animals, which I tend to project personalities onto as necessary. They are, in no particular order,  Sookie, a rat terrier; Laylah, a maltese; Bear, a poodle/cocker spaniel/shi-tzu mix and Eddy, who I believe is a cat of some sort. He believes he’s a dog of some sort though, so it all works out.

Meghan and I also have a blog together that I ignore even more than this one, located here.

I enjoy cooking, gardening, movies, music which is usually recommended to me by my indie-rock co-worker and pal, Kyle and living the good life with my lovie.

This is supposed to be a photo blog, so we’ll see how that works out as I tend to go off on tangents a bit. After reading this about page, I’m sure that surprises you greatly.