What is the point?

A look at why we do what we do by Jack Piatt

coffee & metaphorical trains

There is a disconnection that leaves us all perplexed about this life and the various happenings happening all around us at every turn.

It’s simple really. We as humans despise being lied to, yet no one lies to us more than ourselves. Everyday we avoid collisions with the truth, by conveniently creating scenarios that keep the blinders on for just a little longer, because we aren’t quite ready to open our eyes.

And with good reason … it’s scary out there.

At least we think it is. We somehow believe it is scarier than the reality we are currently plugged into. This comfortable conditioning that has us all doing “head scratching” things on a daily basis is slowly inundating us, literally to death.

And death itself wouldn’t be such a feared outcome if the subject weren’t so taboo and controlled.

The best question I could ever come up with to…

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