My friend Michael just published a post on his blog…about me. I’m honored by him seeing me as an “Influencer” and I hope I can keep some good work and good thoughts out there to live up to it. Also, I tried to give props to just a few of those who influenced me.

Get Light Scribed: The Blog

Every artist is influenced by the world around them. The people, places and things that define my work are what the Influencers post is all about. I hope you find inspiration from what you read/view.

Shortly after moving to Flora is when I seriously took an interest in photography. Searching for photography programs is what led me to connect with Alex Haglund on Facebook. He struck me as a real laid back fellow with a true passion for photography and over the past two years he’s be an awesome inspiration to my growth as a photographer. This is what he had to say about his life as a photographer (unscripted and unedited; it’s a long post but worth the read!).

How did you get into photography (or a specific genre of photography)?

I’ve always thought photography and photographers were cool, but I got into it, I think, because of my…

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