And now our home smells like a smokehouse again…

Smoked pork loin and chicken

So my brothers are back in the United States from China. Or they were, Willy went back yesterday, but in any event, we’ve recently seen them both for the first time in about a year. They came down here, we had some fun then headed back to Chicago for a great big barbecue, family and friends and fun. My contribution was barbecue pork. Ok, Meghan and I managed a lot of the food, but the barbecue was the highlight and by far, the most labor intensive dish.

I started out before they came to see me in Flora, defrosting the pork butt, then marinating it in a crockpot with an apple juice and meat tenderizer marinate, both soaking and injected. Then, I drained off the excess juice, then I coated it in Hagglerub, which Meghan insists I call “Haglund’s Country BBQ Seasoning” because she thinks “Hagglerub” sounds gross. Then onto my little offset smoker, charcoal for heat, water-soaked hickory (I’ve used apple, cherry and mesquite too) for smoke. After about 5 to 8 hours on the smoker, or basically, when I get tired of babysitting it, I pull it off and finish cooking in the kitchen.

Blasphemy! I know, a purist would cook it the whole way on the smoker. Don’t care.

So anyway, we put the thing in the oven, covered, with some water for a while; or in the case of my my brothers’ welcome home barbecue, into the slow cooker, also with some moisture, and I let it cook until morning. Then I toss the thing onto a cutting board, shred it, add some more seasonings and freeze it for the trip up there. Oh yeah, cooked barbecue is better once it has been frozen.

I reheated it in the slow cooker again and added a can of chicken broth for some more moisture. Overall, it’s the best barbecue I’ve made. Unfortunately, everyone else agreed as well. I went to gather a little to hoard and bring home, but none was left. Which brings us to where we are now. I had a sandwich, but I was left without the fix I wanted.

So I had a few assorted packages of meat in the freezer and I thought, let’s do something a little simpler on the process than the full pork shoulder and marinated up a Tyson Lemon pepper pork loin and a few chicken drummies. I injected the loin with some vegetable oil, because they tend to be a little lean. Then, apple juice marinate for the loin and an Italian Dressing based one for the chicken,onto the smker with hickory they go, and , VOILA! Look’s good, dontit?

Yes. Yes it does.

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