Eddy gets a pet

Eddy, our cat, who we’ve featured before here and here, has a new little buddy and we have….another cat.

Here she is. She is crazier than a bag full of lizards. And I chose this picture, not for good photography, but because she is absolutely up to no good.

We adopted this little kitten, and her name is Sylvia Cat. Or Sylvie. Whatever, it’s a cat. Anyways, she’s crazy as only a kitten can be . She seems to like fighting with her older siblings and Edward has now had two infected eyes . They might be due to her gnawing on his face. Take a look at this and see if you agree.

Just absolutely nuts. That dog is Laylah, by the way. We’ve got three dogs, but they don’t get featured as much because they’re dogs. Needless to say though, the house is full of animals. Especially now with the little crazy one tearing around at all hours. Sheesh.


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