Little Cat, all grown up

Edward R. Meower, who you may remember from when he was little, has grown up a bit, and now pretty much just goes by ‘Eddy.’ It’s hard to shout ‘Edward R. Meower’ when there’s trouble afoot and with this cat (or any cat, I’ve been told) there frequently is.

So anyways, last night, Meghan’s cousin JoAnn stopped by to get me to shoot some photos of her camera for her to sell on eBay and I set up a little one light product studio. One light and lot’s of fill cards/boards. These fill card and boards are what Eddy was knocking about, and since he wanted to be on set, we got to take some pictures of the little trouble maker.

Oh, you silly cat.

There are few things scarier than waking up at 3 a.m. with those eyes staring at you an inch away from your own.

"We are living in a material world and he is a material girl." Yep, I don't know why, but it's appropriate.

I love his little kitty expression here.

I realizing that I’m just confirming everything bad about the Internet by posting a bunch of pictures of my cat, but so what. Eddy, you da man.


3 thoughts on “Little Cat, all grown up

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