Zoo 4: Final Zoo…or something about monkeys, meh.

Yep, last of our zoo pics post. Seriously, who goes to the zoo and shoots 700 pictures? I have a problem, and with they way Meghan’s shooting pictures, it’s apparently contagious. Whatever…Look Monkeys!

Insert "Swinger" joke here. No but seriously, there was no monkey action to be watched. My 5-year-old self would be diasppointed.

These were all taken at Tropic World in Brookfield Zoo. Also known as Alex’s favorite zoo exhibit ever. Which I admit doesn’t sound as good. But seriously, gorillas.

"What don't you get about 'no eye contact'?" asks this surly fellow.

This guy is awesome! Just look at that. He's like a squirrel that isn't an idiot. I assume.

That’s cool. What an adorable little monkey thing. Only one thing that could make it better….

Yup, he's got his tongue sticking out while he eats a cookie. My day is complete.

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