Just some quick pics on the way upstairs

Had some storms roll through here the other night. The next day, I had to shoot photos of the damage for the paper.

This isn’t about those photos though. It’s just that Meghan wanted to see them. And she needed an AA battery. Whatever. What’s important is that I ended up needing to go back down to the car to get the camera and the battery. It was evening and I do love evening light, so I took a few pictures on the way upstairs. Pretty proud of these for quickies.

Some raindrops on our honeysuckle.

The light above our entryway. Plus some bugs.

A leaf from the same honeysuckle. The veins on these leaves look totally boss.


Class at the park (or, how high does the heron fly?)

Well, maybe it’s not really class…After all, my class got cancelled due to low enrollment. I had a few loyal students, who are or, at least, have become, my friends, who wanted to keep meeting. And taking a night or so a week to talk about photography isn’t too bad. So we still call it class. We sit around and BS about pictures and sometimes, anything else we want too.

Since it’s been nice out though, we went and did one of our favorite things to do in class this last time. Go out shooting at the park. Plus, it wasn’t just the park like normal, this time, we got into the Country Club instead. Swanky. Here are some pics.

Blossoms, later to be blackberries.

Some cool lichen (fungus?) growing on a broken log.

Here’s when I really started having fun. No, not driving the golf cart. We were about to leave and I saw something big and flying in the corner of my eye. Meghan turned the cart around and we found this….

I do believe this is a blue heron. If anyone out there is orny, feel free to correct me.

Excuse any lack of sharpness, noise and motion blur. It was around 8:30 p.m. and the sun was down or was headed that way. These were taken at ISO 3200, f 2.8 and I was pushing it at a 1/250. But I got him.


Same heron, in flight.

And this one is Meghan's favorite. She likes the reflection below it. She's got an eye for that kind of thing.

Prom Day: gettin’ the hair done

First of my prom day pictures. We shot at Fabulous, the hair salon owned by Meghan’s friend Amy Meeks to get some photos of girls getting their up-dos done. Some of these are by Meghan too.

Meghan takes pictures too

My beautiful wife, Meghan (I’ve gotta say that, she’s sitting right next to me), takes pictures too. She’s shot photos of things and events that are important to her, but she wants to improve the technical end of things.

Ever since we were dating, we’ve taken road trips to go out shooting in the evenings. On one of our more recent ones, she took the camera and was doing the shooting herself.

P.S. Meghan is not a fan of my recent toying with back-button autofocus. I’ve gotta switch it back to the shutter button when she takes over, ’cause she hates that shit.

Anyways, these are all hers.

A grass stem in front of a field of yellow blooms. This is the one where the back-button autofocus drove Meghan batty. After this, I switched it back to the shutter button.

I know it's just a stop sign, but I really like what's going on here in terms of the ambience, the evening colors and so forth.

Some type of rotted crop plant or weed in a farmer's field. Switch the AF to the regular button and Meghan realizes that it's my wonky settings, not her that have been messing with her pictures. She is not happy.

A pair of deer bounding away from the woman in the field coming towards them with what they assume is a gun. It's just a camera. Stupid deer.

Another nice evening ambience photo, showing our city friends just how small stuff can be around here.

Some nice white blooms. Probably technically a weed, no matter how pretty they are.

Totally cool looking rusty sign. "It looks cool because it's slanted," says Meghan.

So there you go. Pretty nice work, huh.

Street shooting in Gatlinburg

050511_StreetpicsGBurg1-WEB, originally uploaded by Alex Haglund.

A young girl walking at the head of her family. Shot this while on my honeymoon in Gatlinburg. Could have had a lot of fun street shooting, but I didn’t work it very much and I didn’t get too many keepers. I used to sit around and take pictures of passers-by for hours in Chicago and the camera I have now is about as well-suited to it as any DSLR I could imagine. Guess I’m just lazy. I just feel weird getting shots of strangers, even though that’s kind of what I do for a living.

The fish was this big…

050511_CCH.Kinder.classes-WEB, originally uploaded by Alex Haglund.

Children from Mrs. Stanford’s Washington School class tour Clay County Hospital in Flora. This was in the cardiovascular department.
When asked if they knew how big their heart was, to the amusement of CCH staff, they all held up their fists, having covered that in class. Then they all held up two fists to show big their brains were…except for the young comedian in the back. If his brain is really that big, he can look forward to a promising career in super-villainy.