a little stormy in flora town

050610_FloraSign-5871FancyWEB, originally uploaded by Alex Haglund.

Came out of work Monday night (May 3, 2010) to some nice sundown light and some really dramatic clouds. Got this shot, worked it over a bit and here we are.



Here’s my pal and less enthusiastically, my boss, Mark Lambird, hard at work at the office. He’s the one from this picture here. Still on my 4X5 kick, I shot this one with a lens. 100 Speed PolaPan again. Expired as well, again. I’m gonna have to just blow out the film holders and bite the bullet. As with my pinhole pictures, computer corrections for tone, contrast and to a lesser extent, color, are fairly extensive. There was a band of low contrast through the middle that I corrected as well as I could. Gotta attribute that one to film that expired five years ago and has been stored, among other places in garages and car trunks, over warm summers. When you look at it that way, it could been a lot worse, eh?


Anywhoo, I didn’t feel like going to the car for the meter. I used my standard “Institutional Lighting” exposure of 1/60s, f2.8, ISO 400. Lengthened that for restrictions in the lens and film stock to 1/4s, f5.6, ISO 100. Thing is, rating that Polaroid at 100 always seemed a touch overly rosy. And thinking that our office’s lighting is anywhere near the “Institutional Lighting” exposure is “There’s no ecological catastrophe hitting the Gulf Coast” rosy.