More shots though a pinhole

Well, here’s my second set of pinhole images. These were shot using my Calumet 4X5. I unscrewed the lens from the lensboard and taped a piece of cinefoil over the opening. Then I punched a hole in the center of the foil with the tip of a pushpin. I’ve gotta say, I like the effect and the effective focal length a lot better than using the jerry-rigged body cap I used for the previous set. Anyways, here you go.

Pinhole 2

The CSX line, behind the Advocate-Press office, looking east.

Oh, for film on these, rather than load, unload and wait to develop sheet film, I broke in to my stash of expired 4X5 Polapan 100 Polaroid film. The most recent of these expired 5 years ago. I was also having issues with parts of the image peeling off with the emulsion. I think it works for what we have here.

The same view twice, looking east at the intersection of North Ave. and Main St. in Flora.

These two peeled the most.

Some pallets, the back door to the office and the Advocate-Press van.

Remember, none of these images were taken with a lens.

A look across the CSX tracks (looking south) behind my office.

Pallets and dumpsters, once again, behind my office.

Another view from in front of the Advocate-Press office. This one is looking west down North Ave.

Thanks for checking them out. I’m enjoying having something new to do photographically.


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