Spooky. nicely decorated too.

So during my so-slow-it-hurts quest to go out and actually do things in Clay County, I took a nice step and went to a Halloween party hosted by Nita, who I’ve worked with on photo shoots, and her twin sister, Rita. Nita and Rita have done Halloween parties and haunted houses for years and invest a lot of work and time in their displays and figures. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.

Oh. And I realize we’re coming up on a month past Halloween, but that’s procrastinating for you. Now quick, before I find some thing easier to do, here are the images:

I shot these on my D70, at 1600, with a tripod. With that camera, up close, the noise and color on these aren’t wonderful, but going saturated and contrasty to cover some of that up suits the subject matter. On most of them I couldn’t really frame through the viewfinder, because that evening was pretty humid and my glasses kept fogging up. The pains of being a geek.

That's a plasma lamp for the old crone's crystal ball. The details made this such a cool haunted house.

That's a plasma lamp for the crone's crystal ball. The cool details made this haunted house.

That spider was at least ten feet across......Buddy.


One thought on “Spooky. nicely decorated too.

  1. The Pixs of the Haunted Cabin are Terrific!… You did a SUPER JOB!!! Thank you for coming out and bringing your Camera!!!
    Your K9 and Feline are Cute!! Love your Blog…!!!

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