Pup pictures

This weekend I loaned a light kit to Fur-a-Good-Paws, Clay County’s animal care league. They used it for pet Christmas card pictures. While I didn’t shoot the photos, I did get a rather nice picture of Sookie, my rat terrierist,  and I, where Sookie is actually standing still. I admit, I am holding her, but still, I’m excited to see it.

Seeing all the folks coming in to get pictures made of their pets made me want to throw some of my furrier recent pictures on here.  On a side note, support your animal shelter and adopt a pet if you can. In Clay County, Fur-a-Good-Paws does a lot for animals, but they could use all the support they can get.

Now, on to the pictures. First, here are some pictures I did for my co-worker Nancy, who breeds golden retrievers. Check her dogs out at http://www.biblesgoldens.com/

I did a Christmas card last year with seven of these pups lined up in front of the Bible fireplace. This year Nancy just brought in one puppy, Annie, who was a bit sleepy:

I sort-of wish that I had shot this with a soft-focus filter on the lens. Oh! Or a star filter. Either would be cool. Annie showed she could pose with the best of them too:

Seriously, doesn't this just look like it belongs in a calendar? What a ham.

No one can deny that Annie is adorable, but pups can get into trouble too. As Sookie reminds me by destroying things while I type. Anyway, here’s my friend Heather new adopted rat terrier – Shih-Tzu mix. I can’t really resist saying this, but he’s a rat$h#*. Sorry about that.

Ralphy's named after the protagonist in "A Christmas Story."

Ralphy being held (and looking slightly scared of the fisheye lens) by another friend, Geoff. He, Heather and I formed the Pulse desk of the Daily Egyptian at SIUC one semester way too long ago. Meet Geoff's shoulder.

Ralphy with his new owner, Heather. From one rat terrier owner to another, I wish you nothing but luck. If Ralphy is anything like Sookie, you'll need it.

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