Fall Colors

My boss, Mark (who you can see in the portraits from the earlier post about being a photographer’s guinea pig; he’s the one with the tie…..not my dad) and I had an idea last year for a feature photo of fall colors from the top ot the Flora Cargill plant. This year, we took the photo. The assistant plant manager took us up and we got a great view:


Looking northwest from the Flora Cargill Plant.

So, in the interest of full discretion, Mark actually shot this. We both went up to the roof, but I stayed there while Mark ascended the scaffolding on top of the roof. I am not a fan of heights. I was happy with as far as I had come anyway. I work on the different color’s responses in Lightroom to make the colors pop.

Another “fall” story, especially around here, is the harvest. I knew I would be able to get a good image for Mark’s story if I just took a drive at a good hour. With my camera and telephoto on the seat next to me, I take a drive. I found this harvester going northeast of town. The dust really makes the picture.110509_harvestWEB


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