To eat, just add burger

I got a number of kitchen utensils from my paternal grandparents’ house. My Grandma died in 1995 and my Grandpa died just before I moved down here. Often, I’ll find these utensil after having forgotten that I had them. Many aren’t useful to me or are too old, but I found a french fry cutter. Since I’m broke/trying to save my money, making my own fries is a good way to keep eating the greasy food I love, but without paying so much for it. I cut up a whole sack of potatoes and then froze them. Here’s what one of my batches looked like:



Tasty, eh? This batch was fried once in vegetable oil in a cast iron skillet. I switched from a pot to a skillet to try to get the oil hotter. It didn’t really work though. I’m not getting these buggers crispy enough. I’ve heard they should be double fried: First once in medium to low heat oil, then once in high heat until they’re crispy looking enough. I think if I could get my oil hotter, it would work better. Still, they’re tasty and I made them myself, so it could be worse. After frying, I add Penzy’s Cajun seasoning and salt or Tony Chacheros seasoning with no salt. Good stuff.

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