Vernon’s Dogtags

Vernon Nagel still has his dogtags from WWII

Vernon Nagel still has his dogtags from WWII.

Vernon Nagel is one of my favortie people around Nashville to take pictures of or do stories on. He’s over 90 and it seems difficult to take a bad photo of him. Here’s one of him holding his dogtags from WWII. I’ve got another one I shot of him in his workshop on my Instagram feed, I’ll try to get that one up too.

Holy Mary, Mother of God

A shrine with Mary and the wee baby Jesus at the Catholic Church, St. Ann, in Nashville, Ill. Liked the feeling and tranquility of this covered in snow, late in the afternoon. Wish the SUV wasn't there, but hey, that's life.

A shrine with Mary and the wee baby Jesus at the Catholic Church, St. Ann, in Nashville, Ill. Liked the feeling and tranquility of this covered in snow, late in the afternoon. Wish the SUV wasn’t there, but hey, that’s life.

I took this photo near the Parish Hall of Nashville’s Catholic Church, St. Ann, while waiting to be let in to work on a different story. I liked the lonely feeling of the statue, out in the cold, offering hope, no matter the season or weather.

Snow Storm

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything original, but here we are. I don’t feel like writing a big post by way of explanation– I’ve been plenty busy, but that will come later.

These are just some photos I liked but didn’t think had a place at

021914 Snow Storm-3

Just a truck heading on by.

Passing Casey's in a snow storm on Feb. 4, 2014.

Passing Casey’s in a snow storm on Feb. 4, 2014.

021914 Snow Storm-1

Near the square in downtown Nashville, Ill.

What is the point?


A look at why we do what we do by Jack Piatt

Originally posted on coffee & metaphorical trains:

There is a disconnection that leaves us all perplexed about this life and the various happenings happening all around us at every turn.

It’s simple really. We as humans despise being lied to, yet no one lies to us more than ourselves. Everyday we avoid collisions with the truth, by conveniently creating scenarios that keep the blinders on for just a little longer, because we aren’t quite ready to open our eyes.

And with good reason … it’s scary out there.

At least we think it is. We somehow believe it is scarier than the reality we are currently plugged into. This comfortable conditioning that has us all doing “head scratching” things on a daily basis is slowly inundating us, literally to death.

And death itself wouldn’t be such a feared outcome if the subject weren’t so taboo and controlled.

The best question I could ever come up with to…

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A Dim Red Disk

I got this one on my way out to Coulterville this Monday. It looks cool, yes, but not nearly as cool as it did in real life where it was much more…subtle. It was so dim you barely believe it was even the sun. Just a really rare and unique sunset. Oh well.

Ok, so it still looks pretty boss here, just not the same as it did IRL.

Jockeying For The Best Spot On The Lawn

Got a shot of this little guy when I was in Okawville on the way to their Wheat Festival Parade. He’s white. Usually these things are early 20th century blackface and pretty minstrel-y. I wonder if this was a conversion.

With how much some of these things weigh, a real jockey might be easier on the horse.

Also, I think he supposed to be holding what used to be a crop or something, but it kinda looks like he’s giving a thumbs-up, so I’m gonna think of it that way.

Fun With Instagram

So Meghan and I finally bit the bullet and started living life in the ’10s (Or the teens or whatever we’re gonna call this decade…), and bought smartphones. Woot! I got a Samsung Galaxy SIII, which is every bit as functionally badass as an iPhone but isn’t used by everyone and their mother.

So, Instagram…I don’t know what I used to think of it: Pretty hipstery, kinda lame, but there were a ton of actual decent photographers who used, some of whom I knew personally and could verify that they weren’t douches. And now I use it too. I still think the “Everyone who takes one decent photo thinks they’re an honest-to-God photographer” thing wears a bit thin, but damned if I don’t really like Instagram.

Got this one out at the State Park that literally surrounds the land we live on. With a freakin’ phone. Booyah. (Ok, so Ma Nature really did most of the work here, but I was glad to be there).

It’s been nice to have with me on shoots to kind of document what I’m document or get something out there before I get “The Paper” shots in

Like at parades. A lot of parades recently. This one was in Oakdale and there were tiny horses.

I guess the thing is, I don’t always have my camera on me. Sometimes, it’s due to forgetfulness or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, other times it’s a conscious decision because I’ve already worked enough. But my phone is with me.

Like Rummage Sale-ing on a Saturday…

Or taking the dogs out to poop in the morning…

Or just checking out the different towns around our new home…

And let’s not forget the already way-too-common pet photos…

I didn’t even have to get my butt up off the couch for this one.

So I like it. I’m gonna keep using it too, until it gets old or the next cool thing pops up. I’d put it on here, but WordPress-hosted blogs don’t have an Instagram plugin or sidebar…yet. Anyways, come and follow me on there if you’re into that sort of thing. The name’s Hagglesworth.